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Vivcor’s any condition traffic management systems provide security and peace of mind on today’s freeways and roads, even in extreme weather. Our intelligent transportation system is designed to give real-time information to drivers to provide them with better information about roadway hazards before they encounter them.

Our systems work day, night and in any weather conditions. They pair with current technologies and create accelerated adoption of driver-less and connected vehicles of the future. Our common sense approach creates opportunities for everyone involved in the transportation industry.

Our solutions do not require any expense or modifications to driver’s car. State departments of transportation and city governments provide our technologies to better serve their citizens.

Traffic Queuing
57% Reduction
Traffic Stoppages
66% Reduction
Freeway Crashes
60% Reduction

A Significant Difference

The savings calculated are based on non-reoccurring events in traffic such as crashes, debris, break downs, etc., nationally at a 10% market penetration rate. We reduce stoppages on the freeway by an average of 66%. This translates into significant changes on the freeway that are good for all of us.

*All estimates based on USDOT statistics.

Hours in Traffic
0 M
Million Fewer/yr*
Cut Emissions by
0 T
Trillion Metric Tons/yr*
Gasoline Saved
0 Quad
Quadrillion Gallons/yr*

Utah Case Study

Vivcor Systems worked with traffic engineers and data from UDOT to simulate the use of our technology on Utah’s freeway systems. Vissim traffic simulations were performed on various real and control group scenarios to compare the results under various freeway configurations.

The simulation results demonstrated significant improvements during traffic events on to Utah’s freeway system. The top results showed that during peak morning hours with an accident, our technologies would reduce stoppages by 89% and queuing by 90%. The average was a 66% reduction is stoppages and 57% reduction of queuing. These results produce benefits for all businesses utilizing the freeway system and the surrounding communities.


0 Million

Saved Hours*

Fewer hours/yr spent on freeways in traffic equals more time for work and play.

0 Thousand

Saved Jobs*

Less time/yr in transit equals more productivity at work and fewer cutbacks.

$0 Million

Saved Sales*

It’s hard to close a deal when your on the road and not at the meeting. Yearly.

$1.0 Billion

Saved GDP*

Reducing barriers to local economies increases the health of the economy/yr.


In addition to benefiting the state financially, our conservative estimates of implementing our technologies on the freeway system have very personal benefits to individuals using the roadways. These statistics show the broad reaching positive effects of Vivcor’s Intelligent Transportation System on Utah’s communities. Fewer deaths will keep families in tact and reduce the expenses to individuals related to accidents and injuries.

The individual cost savings are composed of medical expenses, lost wages, lost productivity and property damages. On average these costs total $91,500 per injury, per person, per year. This keeps a significant amount in an individuals pocket over the course of a year if they’ve been involved in a serious accident on the freeway system.

Important Notes

Traffic Deaths
189 Fewer
Critical Injuries
17,200 Fewer
39,800 Fewer
Individual Cost Savings
$1,590,473,000 Less/yr

Seeking Accredited Investors

Vivcor has a Reg. “D” 506(c) offering. Please contact us if you are interested in investing in our ground breaking technologies.

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